Continuous Professional Development Programme

Professional Development with Sumbella Khan and Ahmed Shalabi

A special thank you to Sumbella Khan, Professional Learning & Development Schools Specialist and Ahmed Shalabi, Country Manager- Educational Resources, Saudi Arabia, for holding an insightful Professional Development Workshop to delve into the subjects of Cambridge Science, Cambridge English, and Cambridge Maths resources, exclusively for the teachers of Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section adding invaluably to our teachers growth and success towards our common goal of Excellence in Education.

Reflective Practise to Improve Learning

LRN Level 7 Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Checkpoint Primary (Science, English, Maths) Collins

Phonics at Kindergarten Level (Letterland)


Teachers Training Program in Collaboration with British Council

Modern society demands quality teaching and learning from teachers. At PISJ-ES, we understand the impact of effective teachers' professional development on student achievement and staff motivation. Regular training and feedback keeps our teachers current in pedagogical trends and reinforces what works. We work with specialist providers to offer free, high-quality training courses to promote our teachers' career progression and their capacity to lead global learning.


Collaborative Learning Workshop

With the rising demands in the educational domain, teaching has taken a revolutionary turn. From conventional ways of imparting education to students using ‘chalk and talk ‘technique, teaching focus has been switched to a more inductive approach which is based on students centered learning.
Students’ hands on learning experience are vital to enhance their critical and analytical skills as a Chinese proverb says, “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” Keeping the importance of interactive learning in consideration, a workshop on Collaborative Learning was held in the school on 14th January with the experienced trainer, Ms. Lucy McClay from the British Council. Teachers had an enlightening experience on the subject and were excited to incorporate the collaborative learning techniques in their teaching.
In continuation to the Teachers’ Professional Development programme, an interactive workshop on ‘Lesson Planning’ was organised in collaboration with the British Council on November 19th, 2016 in the School KAAS Block . Amongst the trainers was Ms. Lucy McClay who shared valuable information about how to ensure optimum learning outcome by ‘objective oriented’ lesson planning through different practical and effective techniques.

McGraw Hill E-books Teacher Training Workshop

Where Digital Technology has taken over every domain of our lives, it has also brought about many exciting diversification in the field of education. In order to meet the global standards of education and make our students and teachers digitally literate to integrate their learning and teaching pursuits using multimedia ; we, at PISJ-ES are at constant quest to unlock the latest academic requirements. In this connection, Teachers Development Program on the use of E-books was organised on 1st October, 2016 in the School IT lab. in collaboration with the McGraw Hill Education. Teachers had an amazing learning experience with a professional trainer from McGraw Hill Education Mrs. Judith Falen .