Introduction To MNA

Introduction To MNA
The Model National Assembly simulates the National Assembly in an authentic manner. Among the main objectives of the MNA is to facilitate an understanding of the National Assembly's functioning, its power and responsibility, and its related entities.
Through the MNA, the youth are not only engrossed in studying and discussing important issues, but they are also encouraged to develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives, such as: research and writing, public speaking, problem-solving, conflict-resolution,compromise, and cooperation.
In terms of career and college preparation and benefits, MNA has proven to be an innovative resource largely due to the points mentioned above.
During this year's MNA, students of Pakistan International School Jeddah's English Section will gain a deeper understanding of some important issues. This simulation will educate students on how to observe, debate and resolve an issue with the proper methodology of the widely agreed method of solution (Bill). Students will assess the specific problems to be solved before taking on ambassadorial positions in MNA.