Introduction To MUN

Introduction To MUN
PISJES is proud to present the commencement of the 7th iteration of ‘Model United Nations’, MUN provides a platform for the students, staff, and the community to work cooperatively and create an educational environment that meets the intellectual, emotional and social needs of an ever-expanding and diverse student body.
Upholding its mission of providing all-inclusive education to every individual, PISJ-ES MUN aims to provide a podium where future intellects collaborate to discuss global issues by activating their research-driven analytical skills to devise possible solutions.

What Is MUN?
Model United Nations is a simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral body, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision-making. At Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of countries that are members of the UN, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The students, better known as “Delegates” or “Representatives”, debate current issues on the organization’s vast agenda.
They plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, prepare draft resolutions, and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure – all in the interest of resolving problems that affect the world. Along with it, they learn lifelong skills of research techniques, writing, public speaking, problem solving, conflict resolution, compromise, and cooperation.