PISJ-ES House System

House System – A Synergy of Academics, Sports & Extracurricular Activities

PISJ-ES’ House System in a perfect synergy of Sports and Extracurricular activities provides our students the boundless opportunities to stay motivated and develop an environment of healthy competition in all arenas of learning.

The houses have been entitled after the legendary personalities of our history including Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Mohammad Ali Johar. Associating houses with the valiant personalities is to instill in our students the passion for learning, patriotism, loyalty, honesty, good citizenship, sense of responsibility and discipline to work towards the prosperity of our country.


Being insistent on the fact that our young learners can influence future, they are educated that intelligence and character are not something, one is born with but can be developed through sports and extra-curricular activities alongside Academics.

The importance of sports at PISJ-ES encompasses more than just the benefit of a physical activity. Having set high aim to enhance the quality of sporting opportunities through the curriculum while increasing the self-esteem and mental alertness, coaching system has been developed, combined with the gymnastics and athletic activities.


With the intention to provide unique opportunity to motivate and inspire students across the grade levels, different sports activities including Football, Table Tennis, Squash, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball etc. are offered.No matter what experience a student has, talent or ability, the opportunities are open for all students in the Middle and Senior school.

To develop an atmosphere of healthy competition in all domains, the houses will be put in vying in all the school activities, including declamations/ debates, Arts, Quran, Spelling, hosting, National day celebrations etc.

Consolidated house points, including sport day points and the points scored in extracurricular activities and inter or intra school sport tournaments throughout the year will be added to declare the winner house on the award ceremony.

Discipline and Education complement each other to calibrate our faith, confidence and drive to emerge as wholesome existents of today and tomorrow with the aspirations to shape the world into a better place. Therefore, refusing to forsake its importance in Education, The Prefect System has been activated across the grade level. The class rep as prefects from each house have been chosen to ensure discipline inside and outside the classroom. Setting high expectations for ourselves as educationists, we strive to instill in our students the sense of ownership for their institution and sense of citizenship and responsibility for their country and the world at large.