Principal’s Message

Principal's Message
The Education world is changing tremendously. Instead blindly chasing the varying Educational demands, we as educators need to make strategic plans to fulfil its growing requirements according to the international standards, keeping in consideration the challenges which future may hold. Refuting to rest on the glories of past, we at PISJ-ES are at constant quest to provide our future generations with the well balanced curriculum to ensure that our students do not only find their learning experience more purposeful but be truly prepared to face life’s trials.
Besides imparting education to our students, which matches the advancement in technology and globalization, we hike our children ahead with the PISJ-ES ethos of moral values, patriotism and devotion towards their country. We are committed to create the future geniuses, thinkers, entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, artists; fully trained with the values of loyalty and dedication towards their country with the resilience that can turn the world around.
Teamwork and collaborative pursuits are the hallmark of PISJ-ES. A devoted and supportive management, dedicated teachers, co-operative parents and goal oriented students together create an enriched learning milieu. It is by all means certain to find in this ambience, the intensive use of a variety of thinking activities, policies and innovative dynamics so that the classrooms become animated, creating an overall learning environment on the international standard.
Knowing the fact that it’s nearly impossible to envisage the diverse magnitude of happenings at our school, we have still captured in words and pictures; the overall congenial atmosphere of PISJ-ES, the enthusiasm and determination of students between the lines of believing and achieving in academics and co-curricular activities.
I am very sure that through collaborative effort of all who connect with the institute to strengthen the sense of responsibility and commitment towards our homeland, we can achieve more to benefit our today’s scholars to become the leaders of tomorrow.
Adnan Nasir