Documents Required for Admission


Documents Required for Admission:

In order to complete the application, you will need the following documentation readily available in English.

Copies of: (Each Copy on Separate Page)

a. Student’s valid Iqama

b. Student’s valid passport

c. Student’s visa page (if Iqama under process)

d. Parent’s (Father & Mother) valid Iqama and passport

e. Student’s birth certificate

f. Student’s vaccination/immunization certificate

g. Parent's visa page (if Iqama under process)

h. Student’s report cards for all academic years (Not Applicable for Kindergarten).

i. Original school leaving certificate from the previous school (Hard copy) (Not Applicable for Kindergarten)

j. Three (3) passport size photographs with white background

k. Absher of Student, Father and mother with iqama expiry date. (Desktop version)

l. Fee Clearance certificate from pervious school (if previous school is within the Kingdom)


1.Classes will only be allocated on submission of all above mentioned documents.

2.Kindly make sure that your ward’s Noor System file is archived or transferred to "Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section" by 10th August, 2024.The student cannot attend the class without transfer in Noor System as per the M.O.E instructions.

3.Acceptance letter can be provided on demand. Application form is available on school reception, filled application form can be submitted via email on ( or in office.

Authentication of Records as Required by the Saudi Ministry of Education: