Frequently Asked / Anticipated Questions and their Responses
My ward is a new/current student at PISJES. How can he/she join MS Teams at PISJES?
If your ward is a new admission at PISJES, you will be assigned a Parent ID and your ward/wards will be assigned individual Student IDs and a default password. The students are required to login in MS Teams using those credentials to join their respective team (class) to participate in your class, access class materials and more.
Where can I find my MS Teams credentials (username and password) to login into MS Teams?
Your MS Teams credentials will be provided by Admissions Office once your child is admitted and his monthly dues are submitted. The MS Teams credentials will be on the following format:
Username: studentID@pisjes.edu.sa
Default Password: Pisjes@123 (with capital P)
Note: You may change your password to a stronger one at your first login.
How can I download/install MS Teams on my desktop to log in?
Please click the following link to see how to download/install MS Teams on your desktop/laptop and log in with your MS Credentials. How to download MS Teams to log in
I have forgotten my password for MS Teams, how can I retrieve it?
Please upload your concern in Query section on parent portal, assigning it to Technical Support department. They will reset the password and respond to you accordingly.
Where can I find the parent portal on the website?
Please click the link below to access parent portal on school’s website: https://pisjes.edu.sa/parent-portal/
My one child has logged in successfully on MS Teams but the other child cannot login. Getting error "Something went wrong". What should I do?
Once first child has finished work, please log him/her out from all the windows opened in Browser (Google Chrome etc.) and close the Browser. If MS Team is installed on your desktop, please logout from there as well. Then open the Browser again and login the other child. You may see login ID of first child saved there. Use the "sign in with another account" option and then sign in the other child. This may resolve the issue.
Where can I find the syllabus outline for my ward’s grade level?
The PDF files of syllabus outline for your ward’s grade is available on School’s website as well as in your ward’s MS Teams in the folder “Memos, Schedules and Guidelines”.
Do we really need to buy Stationery as per the supplies list on the website?
Yes, it is advisable to be fully prepared with all kinds of Back-to-School requirements, including Stationery Supplies. The child will be using them at home . The supplies will be submitted to school whenever the child comes on campus in this academic session.
How will my ward get his class timetable / class schedule?
The PDF files of your ward’s class schedules (section wise) is available in your ward’s class team in the folder “Memos, Schedules and Guidelines”.
I need to take leave for my child. We have to travel, and my child will not be able to attend classes. Whom should I contact?
Leave is required to be applied through the Query Portal to the Student Affairs Department. Leave policy can be viewed through the link: Leave Policy
My child section has been changed. Last year he was in some other section. From his section only 2 -3 children have been shuffled along with him. We want him back in that section because he misses his friends. He is very upset. Whom should we contact?
The section change before start of the new section is a normal practice of our school. We are committed towards the holistic grooming of our students and adaptability is an integral part of emotional intelligence. we assure you that we shall try our level best to support your child in his academic pursues and emotional adjustment with us and his class fellows.
How to login in parent portal?
  • Username: Enter your Parent ID.
  • Password: Father's Iqama Number .
  • Important * : Please change your password at first login to something secure and easy to remember. Secure password should be a combination of small and capital alphabets, numbers and symbols for example AbcD8@$
    Where do we find the parent code/ student code?
  • Student ID / Admission number (5-digit code) can be found on Student ID Card and on the Fee Receipt/Invoice.
  • Parent ID can be found on Fee Receipt/Invoice
  • I am not assigned to any team. When I log in on MS Teams, I get the notification that you are not part of any team. What should I do?
    Please upload your concern in the Query section on the parent portal, assigning it to the respective School department. You will be added to the respective section team.
    In my parent portal I can see only URL for MS Team but there is no username and password for my ward?
    Please try the credentials given below
    Username: studentID@pisjes.edu.sa
    Password: Pisjes@123 (with capital P)
    If it still does not work, please upload your concern in Query section on parent portal, assigning it to Technical Support department. They will respond to you accordingly.
    What do I do if I need technical assistance?
    Please upload your concern in Query section on the parent portal, assigning it to the Technical Support department. They will respond to you accordingly.
    In most cases they will be able to resolve your questions, otherwise, they will also be able to direct you to the right resource if you need additional support.
    I have still not collected books from book bank. What should I do?
    Please collect them at your earliest as classes will start soon. You can check book bank timings and book purchase protocol on the website.
    Is there any WhatsApp group of parents? Can you give me your number?
    WhatsApp communication is not encouraged. As school policy, staff members cannot share their personal phone numbers with parents.
    How should we communicate any Academic related or other concerns?
    In case of any specific concern related to academics, staff, Technical, or general inquiry, you may upload your concern in queries in your Parent Portal assigning it to the specific department. Your query will be responded to soon.