Book Sale for Academic Session 2023-2024

Books Sale

The new Academic Session 2023-2024 is commencing from 27th of August 2023. Books will be available in the PISJES book bank for purchase from 20th of August 2023 at subsidized price as compared to the market.

Period Timings
20/08/2023 – 26/08/2023 08:00 AM till 5:00 PM
27/08/2023 onwards 07:00 AM till 6:00 PM
"Note: Book Sale timings for 11th September 2023 and 13th September 2023 will be from 11:00am to 6:00pm."
"Note: Saturday will be ON for books sale form 8am to 5pm"

Procedure for buying Books on Campus

1. Please use Gate No. 7 for entrance and proceed to Auditorium to get your Token.
2. Proceed to the Fee Counter on your turn with your token.
3. Please pay for your book order on Accounts Counter and get your payment Receipt.
4. With the same token and payment Receipt please proceed to next Counter for collection of Books.
5. After receiving books, please use the same Gate (No. 7) for Exit

Procedure for buying Books Online

1. Login to parent portal and click on “Place Order” in left pane
2. Name(s) of your child/children will appear in right pane. Select the child you want to buy books for.
3. Booklist with price, of your selected child will appear. Select the books which you want to buy and then click “Proceed”. This will take you to the order confirmation page.
4. Please review your book order and confirm by clicking on payment option(s) of your choice after rechecking the quantity and book titles thoroughly. The payment options are:
i. Pay Online (using your Debit/Credit/Mada Card)
ii. Pay at Counter
 Fee Counter in Auditorium (use Gate 7 for entry and exit)
5. After successful online payment please come to school for collection of books. Do not forget to bring printout of your payment receipt.
6. Please use Gate No. 7 for entrance and proceed to Auditorium to get your Token.
7. On your turn, proceed to the book bank and collect the books if you have already paid online. If you chose option to pay at counter then proceed to accounts counter with your token and order confirmation printout for payment: collect the books while presenting the payment receipt from the book bank.
8. After receiving books please use Gate No. 7 for Exit
Note: Please note that in online payment, bank may charge transaction charges depending on type of card.
Note:*For any updates please keep visiting our school website regularly.