Meet the Secretariat


Shumayal Hassan

Speaker – Y10-G6

Esteemed secretaries and distinguished delegates, I extend my salutations as your designated speaker for this year's Model National Assembly, an assembly that crystallises the intrinsic significance of our combined presence and the pivotal role each participant assumes in sculpting our deliberative landscape. This convocation serves as a crucible for open discourse, fostering not only constructive debates but also the kaleidoscope of diverse perspectives that enrich our collective understanding.Active participation assumes an indispensable role in this intellectual crucible, acting as the catalyst for success by nurturing an environment conducive to meticulous discussions and collaborative decision-making.
Letus conscientiously channel our intellectual energies into substantive interactions, wherein we grapple with pressing issues and fortify the pillars of unity.Your contributions are not mere annotations but rather integral components shaping the narrative of this assembly. I express my profound appreciation for your unwavering dedication to the ideals encapsulated in the Model National Assembly. Eagerly anticipating the infusion of your invaluable insights into our forthcoming deliberations

Syed Rohaan

Deputy Speaker – Y9-B7

I am profoundly honored and wish to convey my deepest gratitude for the esteemed privilege of assuming the role of Deputy Speaker for the Model National Assembly 2023-24. In this capacity, my overarching responsibility is to orchestrate the seamless orchestration of the event, cultivating an environment characterized by equity and impartiality that welcomes diverse perspectives with open arms. As a unified entity, our unwavering dedication is directed towards propelling the Model National Assembly of PISJ-ES to unprecedented pinnacles of success throughout the 2023-24 term.
Our collective commitment transcends the mere procedural aspects, encompassing a resolute pledge to extirpate sources of discord,ignorance, neglect, and hubris. With an unyielding focus, we aspire to foster an ethos steeped in moral rectitude and exemplariness. Through conscientious collaboration, we endeavor to cultivate a milieu that not only befits the intellectual pursuits of this assembly but also serves as a crucible for the refinement of character and the cultivation of virtuous values.

Ghana Danish

Prime Minister – Y10-G2

I am profoundly grateful for the auspicious opportunity to assume the mantle of Prime Minister for this year's Model National Assembly, a truly invaluable and momentous occasion. This esteemed responsibility fills me with a profound sense of purpose and dedication. Throughout the event, I pledge to infuse boundless energy and unwavering engagement, ensuring that every voice is not only acknowledged but resonates with significance. My commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric; I shall invest my time and spirit wholeheartedly to orchestrate what I aspire to be the zenith of Model National Assemblies our school has witnessed.
In the crucible of collaboration with my esteemed teammates, our collective dedication and assiduity aim to usher in transformative change into the fabric of our lives. As the steward of this assembly, I ardently envision that the bills enacted will transcend mere legality, serving as catalysts for multifaceted improvements in our school's overall well-being. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that not only epitomises comfort and safety but also stands as a paragon of collective achievement. In profound gratitude, I extend my thanks for entrusting me with this momentous responsibility.

Muhammad Faaiq

Opposition Leader – Y10-B2

It is with profound honour that I accept the distinguished role of Leader of the Opposition in the eminent 2024 Model National Assembly. Our committee, resolute in purpose, endeavours to dissect and deliberate upon pivotal issues through meticulously structured discussions,fostering a harmonious collaboration between the realms of government and opposition. My commitment to this paramount responsibility is unswerving, as I vow to dedicate my utmost intellectual and physical efforts, channelling the entirety of my energy towards the orchestration of positive change in addressing hitherto unresolved societal quandaries. My earnest intention is not merely to partake but to elevate the very essence of my endeavours, enhancing their qualitative resonance. I aspire to contribute meaningfully to the resolution of these exigent concerns, transcending the pedestrian boundaries of discourse.
In eager anticipation, I look forward to engaging with esteemed and dedicated colleagues, envisaging a collective odyssey towards positive metamorphosis and progress within the august halls of the PISJES Model National Assembly. Together, we shall navigate the nuanced landscape of carefully selected societal issues, promoting a symbiotic teamwork ethos that will undoubtedly serve as the linchpin for the utmost success in our noble pursuit of positive change.