English/Urdu Parliamentary Debate

IMOC – Awardees
October 22, 2023
IGCSE Eng/Urdu Debates
November 6, 2023

English/Urdu Parliamentary Debate


The PISJ-ES Parliamentary Debates are a simulation of the core democratic principles of reasoned argument, compelling evidence, artful negotiation, and practical conflict-resolution. With current and real-world problems as its themes: ‘Efficiency of AI’ and ‘Fake News on Social Media’.
Principal Mr Adnan Nasir said, “I am in sheer delight on how today’s event was a near perfect encapsulation of all the five Cambridge Learner attributes that we derive from each day. To all my participants today, I am proud that you celebrated the actual spirit of this event which is much larger than simply standing here to win some trophy.”
Mr Rodd Smith, Group Managing Director at Cambridge International Assessment Education, honored us today with his gracious presence as chief guest. He was extremely impressed and said, “From the rhetorical eloquence of the fantastic debates to the completely enchanting play by Kg students. That was absolutely wonderful. And I think both of them were inspiring in their own way.”
Congratulations to all the debaters for a very successful event!

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