School Vision

Vision for PISJ-ES is to be a vibrant and innovative center of learning in a caring and conducive environment to nurture each pupil to be an upright citizen of Pakistan, scholar and sportsman.

PISJ-ES is a place where students, staff, parents and the community work cooperatively to create an integrated curriculum and flexible educational program that meets the (intellectual, emotional, physical, and social) needs of an ever-expanding and diverse student population. Our vision is to provide an environment that gives each student an equal opportunity to develop her knowledge, skills and abilities to the greatest potential.

Our Aim & Mission

We aim to provide an environment that inculcates patriotism and strengthens Islamic beliefs while giving students equal opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to optimum level. We place high premium on inducing spiritual, human and patriotic values at every level. We strive to make our students ideal citizens and architects, who will shape the future of Pakistan.

Our mission is to provide an educational programme that blends faith, culture and life through a climate of cordiality, cooperation and constructive dialogue and thus effect the total formation of the individual, giving due respect to his human dignity. Underlying these fundamental goals is the strong commitment to provide excellence in instruction, aiming at harmonious development of its students, molding them to physically, intellectually and spiritually well-adjusted future. Its strength emanates from its unique ability to innovate and respond to the rapidly changing environment, to sharpen the competitive edge by dedicating to and sacrificing from the singular focus of enriching the real potential of learning. Its success is reposed in the confidence that “Today of the students is better than Yesterday and that the Best is going to be in realm of attainable for them in Future”.

Our Commitment

Instating new horizons, promising opportunities, substantial prospects and bright future are what PISJ-ES is all about. In this institute, every day dawns with the new challenges and a wide range of activities which thrive to meet single objective of achieving the highest standard of education. Each member of the team endeavors continuously to ensure an atmosphere of excellence, novelty, innovation and incessant learning to nurture the talents of our students at all levels.

Alongside, we are committed to inculcate in our students the ability to tolerate and to distinguish virtues from vices to develop soft skills and groom them to become dynamic and responsible citizens to encounter every kind of situation wisely and perceptively.
Over the past two decades, our school has expanded to a greater degree. With 4000 students and the faculty strength touching nearly 600, we are determined to harmonize the equal opportunities in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities.

We have a team of dedicated and professionally motivated educators as head of departments to make the learning experience more meaningful and colossal. Our exceptionally passionate and highly qualified faculty members encourage students to love learning, practice novelty, take risks and accept challenges. They strongly believe in the significance of collaboration and welcome the opportunity to work with all members involved in the lives of their students.

Keeping up the motto of ‘pride of the nation’ and to retain our eccentric individuality in a far-off country, makes this school prominent to emerge as the icon of excellence in education in the MENA region.

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