Fee Structure

Fee Structure
For the Year 2017- 2018

  • New Admissions (Applicable to all grade levels):
  • All the charges or fee are non-refundable except Security Deposit.
    (Security Deposit is refunded at the time of leaving the school)
  • Admission Qualification Examination Fee : SR 100
After successfully passing the admission criteria :

New Admission Charges

RegistrationEntrance FeeSecurity Deposit (Refundable)
SR 500SR 1000SR 1000

Enrolled Students

Fee structure for Academic Year 2016-2017
(Applicable to New and Returning students)

Account ClassTuition Fee Miscellaneous (Welfare/Sports)IT & Science Laboratory
PG, YN and YR7,500 350NA
Y1, Y2 and Y39,500 350NA
Y4 & Y510700 350400
Y6, Y7 and Y812,000 350400
Y9 ,Y10 and Y11 (O Levels) #12,500 350**800
Y12 and Y13 (A Levels) # 14,000 350***400


** Applicable to students with Science subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IT.Students who have only IT will pay 400 only.
*** For Y12: 400 per lab. For Y13: 400 for ICT - only if applicable.

# IGCSE Exam fee is due in the month of January of each calendar year. The school fee must also be paid in full by the month of April for all the students appearing in IGCSE Exams in May/June. Parents are advised to plan their payments accordingly.

Book Charges

PGSR 55.00
YNSR 730.00
YRSR 490.00
Y1SR 510.00
Y2SR 520.00
Y3SR 385.00
Y4SR 385.00
Y5SR 375.00
Y6SR 395.00
Y7SR 700.00
Y8SR 1095.00

A-Levels Book Charges

CodeSubject OptionsPack Prices
AL-01Bussiness_AIT_AccountingSR 530.00
AL-02Bussiness_AIT_EconomicsSR 475.00
AL-03Bussiness_AIT_Economics_AccountingSR 685.00
AL-04Bussiness_Economics_AccountingSR 525.00
AL-05Chemistry_Phsics_BiologySR 555.00
AL-06Chemistry_Phsics_Biology_AITSR 715.00
AL-07Maths_Bussiness_AccountingSR 970.00
AL-08Maths_Bussiness_EconomicsSR 915.00
AL-09Maths_Bussiness_Economics_AccountingSR 1125.00
AL-10Math_Chemistry_AITSR 945.00
AL-11Math_Chemistry_BiologySR 970.00
AL-12Math_Chemistry_PhysicsSR 970.00
AL-13Math_Chemistry_Physics_AITSR 1130.00
AL-14Math_Chemistry__Physics_BiologySR 1155.00
AL-15Math_Physics_AITSR 945.00

CodeSubject OptionsPack Prices
A2Pure Maths 2,3_Mechanics 1_Core MathsSR 510.00

Transport Service:

Annual Transport Charges (optional)

SR 2500SR 3500

Discount Policy

Discount for Siblings
(Not applicable to A' Level Students)

First ChildSecond ChildThird Child
Nil 20 %25 %

Fee Payment:

The aforementioned fee is for a complete academic year or part of it. Fee must be paid in full either at the start of the academic year or in two installments (September & February).
A Monthly installment option is offered to salaried parents for their convenience. The yearly tuition fee must be paid in 10 monthly installments due at the start of each month (September to June). The dues must be paid by 15th of each calendar month.

Steps for Fee Payment through Bank Transfer:

Dear Parents,

For your convenience and to avoid congestion / delays at the School’s Accounts section, it is highly recommended that the School dues be paid via bank transfer. The process is as follows:

- If you wish to know how much is due then email your detailed request with Parent ID to fee@pisjes.edu.sa
- In return the Accounts department will send you the details of the Due Amount.
- You transfer that exact amount to the ( bank transfer charges may apply) :
Bank Al Jazira : Pakistan International School ES, AC# 0021-245219-001 OR
IBAN: SA62 6000 0000 0212 4521 9001 (Pakistan Intl School Jeddah ES)
- Email the Transaction number and its details to the Accounts department’s given email ID.
They will issue you the receipt in due course of time.
- Please ensure that you transfer the exact amount to avoid confusion.
- We will try to accommodate minor adjustment with next payment.

Thank you for your cooperation and support and we assure you our best possible service.

School Management
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