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Established miles away from home, PISJ-ES embodies the spirit of home in its true sense. The institution, a world in itself, is geared to provide education of the highest level. The citadel of learning commits to enhance the educational experience and bring up intellectuals through all-round and interactive studies while maintaining a standard of competence par excellence.
PISJ-ES has undoubtedly proved itself worthy of its name, holding the flag of Pakistan high. We aim to provide an environment that generates patriotism and strengthens belief in Islamic values while giving each student equal opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and abilities to their potential. We place high premium on the inculcation of spiritual, human and patriotic values at every level. Our vision is to see our students of today as ideal citizens and future architects of Pakistan.
Why Study in PISJ-ES ?
Our team comprises of individuals who have the ability to own apparently impossible tasks and break them down into achievable goals.
We foster confidence in our students by providing ample opportunities to exhibit their aptitudes in a wide range of extracurricular activities including debates and Science & Commerce Forums.
With the provision of the best curriculum of international standard, we provide individualized academic support by offering the subjects’ choice at the IGCSE, O’ level and A ‘level.
We instill in our students the attributes which provide them the strength and fortitude to confront inevitably overwhelming obstacles through Physical Education and Sports Activities.

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PISJ-ES is Committed to Cultivate Curiosity, Excellence and Creativity

  • Believe you can , and you are halfway there.

  • The best way to predict the Future is to create it.

  • He who is not courageous to take risks will accomplish nothing in life .

  • You learn something everyday if you pay attention.

  • Failure is a word unknown to me .

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