Student Annual Awards Rubric

S.No Award Category Description
1 STUDENT OF THE YEAR “Student of the Year” is the nominee for being the most versatile & all - rounder student of the year, who meets par excellence in all aspects throughout the session of A Level or IGCSE respectively.
The selection will be based on having an overall dominance in;
     • Academics
     • Conduct
     • Discipline
     • Punctuality
     • Extracurricular activities etc.
“Academic Student of the Year” is the nominee achieving the highest score in aggregate of the three compulsory core subjects of the chosen groups as mentioned below:
     • Pre - Medical Group
     • Pre - Engineering Group
     • Commerce Group
The selection for the AL Award in this category is based on the aggregate average of the Midyear and Mock Exams of both AS & AL level (Internal School Exam) Result.
“Academic Student of the Year” is the nominee achieving the highest score in aggregate of the nine IGCSE subjects holding with either Science or a Commerce Group. The selection is based on the performance of the Internal (School Exam) Result.
3 DISTINCTION AWARD The nominees for this award are the students ranging under 5% to the top in aggregate of the respective academic groups.
4 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION Awarded to the dynamic volunteers who give their best in organizing events & healthy activities throughout the school year.
5 MOST PROGRESSED STUDENT Student who exhibits remarkable improvement overall during the respective session of A Level or IGCSE.
6 OUTSTANDING ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY Most punctual and regular student of the year.
7 LONGEST SERVING STUDENT First enrolled student in the school from the current batch.
8 SPORTS AWARD OF THE YEAR Awarded to the student who is prominent in overall sports including athletics and PE; from the class of boys and girls separately.
9 HEAD PREFECT Awarded in recognition of the services provided as Head of the Student Prefect Team.
10 BEST OF CAIE PISJ - ES AWARDS Best results in CAIE in the school
12 CIE RANKINGS AWARDS As per the Accreditation of Cambridge University
• Any record of an observed misconduct, indiscipline, violation of the school rules and academic dishonesty may result in the disqualification of the prospect awardee!
• AL Level Awards will be presented on the Graduation Ceremony of the Batch of 2018 while the rest in the Annual School Awards Ceremony.

An award is a form of honour, a kind of recognition aimed to facilitate one’s excellent contribution in a chosen field. An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence, but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive, excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life.