Policy Statement:

Pakistan International School Jeddah –English Section provides a detailed, planned and integrated academic scheme covering a child's whole school experience, from the ages of 3 to 18. The Academic Programme is the intellectual embodiment of the School’s core values and is designed to engage students in the life of the mind through cultural and scientific exploration from around the world.

Expertly tailored from the Cambridge Pathway, the Academic Programme reflects the needs and circumstances of the students as well as the School’s international context and outlook. This adaptation of the curriculum allows better catering to a greater range of diverse learners.

At PISJ-ES, students gain exposure to a broad spectrum of thought in humanities and sciences, develop their intellectual curiosity, and work to channel this curiosity by thinking and learning independently and collaboratively. Students are also encouraged to reinforce theory through practice – in laboratories, model performances, and school representations. These critical thinking, teamwork and self-reflection skills not only reflect the School’s aim to empower students and teachers in a culture that prioritises curiosity, humility and community, but are also the values inherent within the PISJ-ES’s learner profile.