Tardiness,Dispersal & Visitors Access Control Policy (to be changed)

Tardiness, Dispersal & Visitor Access Control Policy
In order to develop in students a sense of self-discipline and responsibility and to create conditions for an orderly community in which effective learning takes place with mutual respect among all members, PISJ-ES has always been underlining the importance of discipline. In this regard, punctuality is one of the main principles and cardinal virtues for maintaining discipline in our school.
School Timings

Below timings must be followed for each grade level according to their session.

Morning Session
Grade Level Timings
Playgroup to Reception 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Y1 to Y7 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Y8 to Y10 7:00 AM to 1:05 PM
* Morning Assembly will commence at 7:00 AM sharp.

Evening Session
Grade Level Timings
Playgroup to Reception 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Y1 to Y7 12:45 PM to 5:45 PM
Y812:35 PM to 5:45 PM
A Level 12:45 PM to 5:45 PM

* In-Class Evening Assembly (Y1 to Y7 & A Level) will commence at 12:45 PM sharp.
• Students, entering the school after 7:15 AM in the morning session and 1:00 PM in the evening session must obtain a ‘Class Entrance Pass’ from the Students Affair Office.
Students are not allowed in their classrooms without this pass.
• No student will be allowed in the school after 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM respectively.
• The student affair department will communicate the parents about late arrival or absence on the same day.
• A warning letter will be given to the students, who are frequently late. The record is maintained in students’ files and reflects on their report cards.
Entrance and Dispersal Plan

Morning & Evening Sessions
Students follow the entrance and dispersal plan mentioned below according to their arrival and pack up timings.

Gate Number Classes
1 Y3 – Y5 (Boys & Girls), Y6 – Y11 (Girls)
4 Y6 – Y13 (Boys)
7 PG – Y5 & A Level (Girls)
8 PG – Y2

• Students, who leave during school hours must be signed out in the student Affair Office by the person checking the student out of school. Students can only be released to the parent(s) or to the persons authorized on the student’s dispersal card.
• There will be NO over the phone releases, considering the security / safety of students. The parents / guardians should, in all circumstances, get the formal approval in person from the Student Affairs Department.
• No parent / guardian will be allowed to pick child from the class.
• In an emergency, when a parent need a student released to someone other than the persons indicated on the card, the parent must follow the following procedure:
      o Send a written request, signed by the requesting parent, with the person who will be responsible for picking up the student. The request needs to be signed by the parent who registered the student, for verification purposes.
      o Provide the name, relation and description of the person you authorize to pick up your son or daughter. The authorized person must comply with the description and show proper identification.
Visitor Access Control

Authorized Visitors
An authorized visitor is;
      • a person enrolled as a student at the school
      • a person employed by the school
      • a person who is invited to attend an event, a class or a meeting
      • a person who is on the premises for a lawful purpose (e.g. contractors or mail deliverers)
Anybody who is not a registered student or a staff member will only be allowed entry after going through the Visit Access Control System of the school.
The visitor will enter his / her information on the register, possessed by the receptionist on the main gate as follows;
Date Name Iqama # Phone # Meeting with Time in Time out Card # Signature

• The visitor will leave his Iqama (ID) with the receptionist and it will remain there during his / her stay in school.
• The receptionist will issue a “Coloured ID Card” (refer below table) depending on the purpose of visit and will enter its number in the register.
Purpose Pre-Meeting Requirement ID Card Colour Permitted Area
Meeting with Principal Scheduled Appointment White Principal Secretariat
Meeting with the DH (Senior School) Scheduled Appointment Green DH Office (SS)
Meeting with the DH (Middle School) Scheduled AppointmentBlackDH Office (MS)
Meeting with the DH (Junior School) Scheduled Appointment Light BlueDH Office (JS)
Admission / Student Affairs Receptionist to call respective office prior issuing ID Card Yellow Admin Block
Human Resource Receptionist to call respective office prior issuing ID Card Pink Admin Block
Accounts / Fee NIL RedFee Counter / Account Office
Administration Receptionist to call respective office prior issuing ID Card Orange Admin Office

• The visitor will not be allowed to an office other than declared at the reception.
• While leaving school premises, the visitor will return the ID Card and collect his / her IQAMA.
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