Student Annual Awards Rubric

S.No Award Category Description
1 STUDENT OF THE YEAR “Student of the Year” is the nominee for being the most versatile & all - rounder student of the year, who meets par excellence in all aspects throughout the session of A Level or IGCSE respectively.
The selection will be based on having an overall dominance in;
     • Academics
     • Conduct
     • Discipline
     • Punctuality
     • Extracurricular activities etc.
“Academic Student of the Year” is the nominee achieving the highest score in aggregate of the three compulsory core subjects of the chosen groups as mentioned below:
     • Pre - Medical Group
     • Pre - Engineering Group
     • Commerce Group
The selection for Y13’s Award in this category is based on the aggregate average of both the AS External (CI Exam) Result & the AL Internal (School Exam) Result. However, for Y12; performance of only internal exams is considered.
IGCSE Y10 - Y11
“Academic Student of the Year” is the nominee achieving the highest score in aggregate of the nine IGCSE subjects holding with either Science or a Commerce Group. The selection is based on the performance of the Internal (School Exam) Result.
3 DISTINCTION AWARD The nominees for this award are the students ranging under 5% to the top in aggregate of the respective academic groups.
4 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION Awarded to the dynamic volunteers who give their best in organizing events & healthy activities throughout the school year.
5 GOOD FELLOWSHIP OF THE YEAR A candidate is nominated by the class fellows of boys & girls respectively. The one, who’s rated highest for being the best of the companions through the mutual assessment.
6 MOST PROGRESSED STUDENT Student who exhibits remarkable improvement overall during the respective session of A Level or IGCSE.
7 OUTSTANDING ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY Most punctual and regular student of the year.
8 LONGEST SERVING STUDENT First enrolled student in the school from the current batch.
9 SPORTS AWARD OF THE YEAR Awarded to the student who is prominent in overall sports including athletics and PE; from the class of boys and girls separately.
10 HEAD PREFECT Awarded in recognition of the services provided as Head of the Student Prefect Team.
11 BEST OF CIE 2016 PISJ - ES AWARDS Best results in CIE 2016 in the school
12 CIE RANKINGS 2016 AWARDS As per the Accreditation of Cambridge University
• Any record of an observed misconduct, indiscipline, violation of the school rules and academic dishonesty may result in the disqualification of the prospect awardee!
• Y13 Awards will be presented on the Graduation Ceremony of the Batch of 2017 while the rest in the Annual School Awards Ceremony.

An award is a form of honour, a kind of recognition aimed to facilitate one’s excellent contribution in a chosen field. An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence, but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive, excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life.
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