Cambridge Checkpoint Result 2017

PISJ-ES Students Deliver Outstanding Results in Cambridge Checkpoint Primary and Secondary Examinations

The students of PISJ-ES have brought laurels to the institute in the recently declared Cambridge Checkpoint Primary and Secondary Examinations. This year, the overall result has been outstandingly impressive as all students appeared in the exam and produced 100% pass percentage.
According to the Cambridge grading Scale, on average our school falls between 4-5 out of 6 points which is exceptionally good as a whole. More than 50 % of our students acquire full points in all three subjects.
On this tremendous result, while commending the students and faculty members, the school Principal Mr. Adnan Nasir said, “this result reflects students’ hard work and teachers’ commitment to carve the sense of responsibility, drive, constant guidance and dedication in them to focus their aspirations towards acquiring knowledge.”
In pursuit of maintaining our standard of ‘Education par Excellence’, the school is in constant quest to develop our academic policies for the further learning enhancement at all levels.
The environment of academic elevation and teachers’ professional development are leading to the gradual progress of students as the results continue to show an upward trend.

PISJES Primary Checkpoint High Achievers

Y6 Girls high achievers
Y6 High achievers girls
Y6 High achievers boys
Y6 CPC High achievers boys

Primary Checkpoint Result Analysis

P checkpoint Y6 Girls
P checkpoint Y6 Boys

PISJES Secondary Checkpoint High Achievers

High achievers Y8

Secondary Checkpoint Result Analysis

S checkpoint Y8 Boys
S checkpoint Y8 Girls
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