Academic Policy

Academic standards are formulated to help students to acquire the proficiency that is needed to learn and absorb increasingly challenging concepts in the next grade. Students who learn the knowledge and skills defined by the academic standards are on internationally acknowledged standardised learning track to graduate from senior school on time and are fully equipped with sound knowledge and critical thinking to enter universities for higher studies.
Junior School
Junior School follows the British Curriculum which enables learners to communicate confidently and effectively and to develop the critical and analytical skills to respond to a range of information, media and texts with full comprehension of concepts and learning skills to develop holistic understanding of all subject matter at this level.
Middle School
Middle School implements the Cambridge International Checkpoint Examinations Primary (Y6) & Secondary Program (Y8). Therefore, the academic standards are in accordance with the Cambridge International Curriculum.
Senior School
Senior School implies the IGCSE Level which is equivalent to O-Level and A - Level curriculum, fully endorsed by the University of Cambridge to ensure 21st century learning requirements.
Continuous Assessment

The aggregate result on progress reports is established on the classwork based continuous assessment in Playgroup, Nursery & Reception and solely depends on Teacher’s observation.
Each area of teaching system is carefully evaluated with the following possible parameters:
      • Classwork
      • Homework
      • Scheduled Tests
      • Examinations
Each of these parameters contributes towards the final grade for each subject depending upon the set criteria for the particular grade level.
In grade levels YR to Y2, the continuous assessment consists of class-work, regular assignments, scheduled class tests and other work as applicable. Progress Reports are shared with parents bi-annually.

Continuous Assessment Weightage
Classwork / Behaviour / Individual skills 100%

Grading Structure on the Report Cards

Grades Description
Excellent E
Very Good VG
Good G
Satisfactory S
Working on Skills WS
Improvement Needed I
Ungraded U
Not Applicable NA
Y1 – Y2
Continuous Assessment Weightage
Classwork / Homework 40%
Scheduled Tests 60%
Arabic / Quran:
Continuous Assessment Weightage
Classwork 25%
Homework 15%
Scheduled Tests 60%
Y3 – A Level
Grade level 3 is considered a transition between lower and upper classes because students experience formal examination (Mid-year & Final Year) from this level. Continuous Assessments still remains an integral part of the evaluation. Therefore, the final aggregate result is the consolidation of the continuous assessment, Mid-year and Final Year / Mock Examinations from grade level 3 to A-level.
The percentage distribution of continuous assessment and exams in different classes is as follows.
Y3 – Y6
Continuous Assessment & Examination Weightage
Classwork / Homework 25%
Scheduled Tests 25%
Exams (Mid Term + Final Term) 50%

Y3 – Y7
Continuous Assessment & Examination Weightage
Classwork / Homework 20%
Scheduled Tests 30%
Exams (Mid Term + Final Term) 50%

Y7 – Y10
Continuous Assessment & Examination Weightage
Classwork 5%
Homework 5%
Class Test 30%
Exams (Mid Term + Final Term) 60%

Quran/ Arabic:
Y1 – Y7
Continuous Assessment & Examination Weightage
Classwork 25%
Homework 15%
Scheduled Tests 60%

Continuous Assessment & Examination Weightage
Classwork / Homework 40%
Scheduled Tests 60%

Continuous Assessment & Examination Weightage
Classwork 5%
Homework 5%
Scheduled Tests 20%
Exams (Mid Term + Mock) 70%
Final Grading Structure on the Report Cards
Y1 – Y6
Percentage Grades
95% and above A*
85% - 94% A
75% - 84% B
65% - 74% C
50% - 64% D
Below 50% U (ungraded)
Ab (Absent)
NA (Not Applicable)

Y7 – AL
Percentage Grades
90% and above A*
80% - 89% A
70% - 79% B
60% - 69% C
50% - 59% D
Below 50% U(ungraded)
Ab (Absent)
NA (Not Applicable)

Ungraded and Not Applicable
Ungraded (U) indicates a standard below the required percentage for grade D.
A student will receive Not Applicable (NA) on the report card;
    • If he / she is a late admission and has not accumulated enough marks for grading .i.e. he / she has missed any Examination / Test or Continuous Assessment.
    • If a subject is not applicable at that grade level.
Subject Choice for Y9 & Y10

• Subject choice is made by a student with the set parameters after close consideration and sheer interest. Students from Y9 are not allowed to drop a subject once he/ she makes the choice for the respective grade level.
• Minimum six compulsory / core subjects are required to be taken at IGCSE level (Y9 & Y10) from the following subject combinations.
Combination 1 Combination 2 Combination 3
Physics Physics Accounting
Chemistry Chemistry Business Studies
Biology Accounting Economics
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
English English English

Humanities (Pakistan Studies, Urdu & Islamiyat)
• For School Examination, elective subjects (Pakistan Studies, Urdu, and Islamiyat) are inclusive along with the 6 compulsory/core subjects. Students are offered IAH (Internal Assessment for Humanities) & IGCSE streams for these subjects.
*Students are taught IGCSE curriculum for Humanities (Urdu, Pak. Studies & Islamiyat) from Y8 in order to take CIE (Cambridge International Examination) for these subjects in Y9.
• These subjects are mandatory for most students who intend to apply in any University of Pakistan, and low score in any of these subjects may affect their GPA.
Easy Urdu Policy:
• Easy Urdu is offered to only those who have never studied Urdu as a subject.
• A student is eligible to take Easy Urdu classes for two years only.
      o First Year of Easy Urdu Program = Foundation Level Urdu
      o Second Year of Easy Urdu Program = Medium Level Urdu
*By implementing the two years Easy Urdu program, a student will be prepared in his/her third year to attend the mainstream Urdu classes.
*Dual Nationality holder students may be allowed to get exemption from taking Urdu, Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat IGCSE Examination as these subjects are not mandatory for acquiring admission in foreign universities. However, they will have to attend the regular classes of these subjects as per the scheduled class timetable.
* It is mandatory for all students to get registration in CIE May/June session for humanities (Islamiyat, Pak. Studies & Urdu).
Subject Choice for AS & AL

• For A level (Y11 & Y12), minimum of three subjects are compulsory from the subject’s choice offered by the school in the Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering and Commerce groups with the following prescribed combinations to be chosen to meet the criteria of Equivalence of Qualifications for admission in universities of Pakistan and worldwide.
*It is entirely on students’ discretion to take four subjects as well; however, the school policy has no such obligation.
GroupsSubjectsOptional in case of choosing 4 subjects
Pre – Medical Biology, chemistry, Physics Mathematics or AICT
Pre – Engineering Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics AICT
Commerce Accounting, Economics, Business Studies Mathematics or AICT
Parents are advised to plan their vacation coinciding with the School Calendar in order to enable their children to complete the school year successfully to achieve the objective of maximum learning. By being frequently absent, students not only miss their work but their overall grades are also affected.
• Students must not be absent for more than 30 days in an academic session, in order to be promoted to the next year level. However, this leave must also be approved by the School Management.
• No classwork assignments will be graded for the period of leave / absence.
• There will be no re-take test if a student fails to take any examination or misses any CA unless a medical certificate from any well recognized hospital is provided within a week.
Criteria for Re-Take Examination/Test
• Retake Examination/Tests will be conducted on the scheduled plan, generated by the respective school.
• The student may have to appear in two subjects on the same day if the missed tests are more than one.
• If a student misses retake examination or test then he/she will not be given another chance and his/ her grades will affect as no average marks will be given for that particular test/ examination.
Awards & Certificates

An award is a form of honour, a kind of recognition aimed to facilitate one’s excellent contribution in a chosen field. An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence, but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive, excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life. Awards and certificates are meant to encourage who work hard and give their best effort in school.
Grading for Position Award is not applicable for the grade levels, PG to YR as students’ individual skills on learning are evaluated; however, Achievement Certificates are awarded for the following categories:
      • Outstanding Achievement (PG – AL)
      • Achievement Certificate (PG - AL)
      • Perfect Attendance (PG - AL)
      • Grooming (PG –Y8)
      • Good Progress (PG – Y8)
      • Avid Reader (YN – Y5)
      • Best Behaviour (PG – Y8)
      • Good Handwriting (YN– Y5)
      • Good Colouring Skills (PG – YR)
Position awards are given to the students from Y1 onwards along with the aforementioned Achievement Certificates on the basis of their academics and over - all outstanding performance. First three top positions from each section at every grade level will be awarded to the students achieving the highest overall score.
The Perfect Attendance Certificate is given to those students who have been regular and punctual throughout the year.
The Certificate of Grooming is presented to recognize students for exhibiting potential to perfection through being neat and tidy and looking their best at all times. Physical fitness, personal hygiene, self-skin care, hair care, good posture, good communication and interpersonal skills are also kept into consideration.
The Good Progress Certificate is awarded to those students who show remarkable improvement in Academics in comparison to their previous result. They may not be achieving A or A * only, however, if there is a reasonable progress in grades throughout the academic session, they will be eligible to get this award.
Certificates of Outstanding Academic Achievement and Achievement Certificates are awarded to the students of Y1 – Y8 for academics in each class, based on the aggregate final year exam result. The recipient of Outstanding Academic Achievement award will be the student with the excellent academic percentage in the aggregate results, including Continuous Assessment and Final / Mock Examinations.
From Y9 – AL, Top Achievement Award is given to the students who acquire first position in a particular subject in the aggregate final result all over the grade level. Outstanding Achievement Award is given to the students who acquire the percentage within the range of 5 % of the top position per subject in a grade level. Achievement Certificates are given for every subject to the students with a very good academic performance.

Annual Awards from Y10 – AL
Sr. No. Award Category Description
1 STUDENT OF THE YEAR “Student of the Year” is the nominee for being the most versatile & all-rounder student of the year, who meets par excellence in all aspects throughout the session of A Level or IGCSE respectively.
The selection will be based on having an overall dominance in;
     • Academics
     • Conduct
     • Discipline
     • Punctuality
     • Extracurricular activities etc.
“Academic Student of the Year” is the nominee achieving the highest score in aggregate of the three compulsory core subjects of the chosen groups as mentioned below:
     • Pre-Medical Group
     • Pre-Engineering Group
     • Commerce Group
The selection for the AL Award in this category is based on the aggregate average of the Midyear and Mock Exams of both AS & AL level (Internal School Exam) Result.
“Academic Student of the Year” is the nominee achieving the highest score in aggregate of the nine IGCSE subjects holding with either Science or Commerce Group.
The selection is based on the performance of the Internal (School Exam) Result.
3 DISTINCTION AWARD The nominees for this award are the students ranging under 5% to the top in aggregate of the respective academic groups.
4 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION Awarded to the dynamic volunteers who give their best in organizing events & healthy activities throughout the school year.
5 MOST PROGRESSED STUDENT Student who exhibits remarkable improvement overall during the respective session of A Level or IGCSE.
IGCSE LEVEL The student who shows remarkable improvement (at least a grade jump e.g. from D to C and vice versa) in 4 subjects out of 6 core subjects will be entitled to acquire this award. A LEVEL The student, showing improvement (at least a grade jump) in 2 subjects will be eligible to obtain this award.
6 OUTSTANDING ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY Most punctual and regular student of the year.
7 LONGEST SERVING STUDENT First enrolled student in the school from the current batch.
8 SPORTS AWARD OF THE YEAR Awarded to the student who is prominent in overall sports including athletics and PE; from the class of boys and girls separately.
9 HEAD PREFECT Awarded in recognition of the services provided as Head of the Student Prefect Team.
10 BEST OF CAIE PISJ-ES AWARDS Best results in CAIE in the school
11 CAIE RANKINGS AWARDS As per the Accreditation of Cambridge University
Any student who fails to meet the evaluation criteria shall go through the following mechanism to be either promoted to the next grade or retained in the same grade level subject to the following conditions.
• Promotion in these classes is based mainly on the homeroom teacher’s Continuous Assessment of each student on daily basis.
• A student’s general awareness, comprehension and communicative ability, age, mental and physical development are all factors which are taken into consideration.
• If a child receives ‘I’ (Improvement needed) or below in the major subjects (Math, Language, Phonics) and areas of development or Academics, he/she will be retained in the same grade level.
Y1 – Y4
A student failing in ONE major or TWO minor subjects or THREE support subjects shall be retained in the same grade level.

Major Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science
Minor Subjects: Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Urdu, Information Technology
Support Subjects: Arabic, Quran, Arts, Physical Education

Y5 – Y10
Aggregate percentage, including all subjects (compulsory / core) of minimum 60 % (C Grade) in the school’s Final / Mock is required to be promoted in the next grade level.

 Final decision on promotion and retention at all grade levels will be taken by the Promotion and Retention Board.
Realising our responsibility, as an institution and in order to optimize the students’ learning who may be struggling academically and develop their cognitive and analytical thinking to the required level to the Cambridge Examinations Standards, Academic Support Programme (ASP) has been launched.
The main purpose of this Programme is to provide students with intensive instructional support and some direct accountability to keep them in check along with the regular course of school’s set curriculum to prevent Retentions in the Middle & Senior school level which could have an overall negative effect.
Promotion and Retention

     • Principal
     • Deputy Head
     • Homeroom/Subject Teacher
     • Relevant HOD
 Decisions regarding Promotion/Retention in all grade levels must be taken very seriously with thorough and careful evaluation and observation. The target is to avoid a situation where once a student has been promoted to the Middle School, she/ he is only subsequently retained when absolutely necessary after adequate information and notice has been given to the parents.
School Withdrawal Cases
Students will be withdrawn from school if;
    • After thorough academic assistance via Academic Support Programme, he/she still doesn’t take his/her studies seriously and does not show academic improvement to the required standard of that grade level during an observation time span.
    • He / she violates school rules.
    • He / she misconducts.
    • He / she is a habitual offender and deliberately vandalizes the school property.
    • He / she malpractices or breaches the examination rules.
    • He / she involves in any kind of fight, controversial altercation and scuffle.
 Final decision on withdrawal cases will be authorized by the Promotion and Retention Board.
 No student will be allowed to repeat the same year level consecutively for two years and will be automatically withdrawn from school on showing unsatisfactory performance, below the required level as per the set school’s criteria
Science Group
Aggregate percentage of all compulsory/ core subjects of minimum 70% (B Grade) in the Cambridge International Examination are required to take admission in the As & A- Level.
Commerce Group
Aggregate percentage of all compulsory / core subjects of minimum 60% (C Grade) in the Cambridge International Examination are required to take admission in the As & A- Level.
• Students with IGCSE Core Curriculum do not qualify for admission in A-Level.
• AS syllabus will not be repeated in AL. Students will have to do independent revision, in case, the wish to re-take AS Examination in AL.
• Recommendation letters will only be given to students upon on completion of AL.
• No provisional admission for students who are waiting for result statement or planning to take re-test Examination in Oct. / Nov. session. In addition, applicants should possess personal qualities which include discipline, good communication skills (speaking and listening) and well-groomed mannerism.
*The above mentioned attributes are assessed through the written recommendations provided by the candidate from the previous school.
Checkpoint Primary & Secondary Registration – Y6 & Y8

• Checkpoint Examinations for Y6 & Y8 are mandatory to be taken by all students.
• For qualifying students, their Mock Exams results of English, Math and Science will appear in their end of the year final report cards.
• Students, who will not qualify for the Checkpoints Primary & Secondary, will however, get to take Supplementary / Retake exam, in order to improve their grades.
Y9 (Humanities: Urdu, Pak. Studies & Islamiyat) and Y10
Consolidated percentage of minimum 60 % (C Grade) in each subject in the school Midyear Examination and minimum 80 % attendance is required to register for the Cambridge International Examination.
Consolidated percentage of minimum 60 % (C Grade) in the School Midyear Examination and minimum 80% attendance is required to register for the Cambridge Assessment International Education Examination in the aforementioned grade levels.
Students are required to obtain minimum 80% attendance and ‘C’ grade in each subject in the Cambridge AS-Level examination for the registration.

* CAIE Registration will be for May/ June session only. No student is allowed to get CAIE registration for Oct/Nov session.
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